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Strategies for Releases, Development, and Maintenance in Product Line Engineering: Part 2 Release and Maintenance

Posted in Article by danilo on December 20, 2011

This article is the final part on basic strategies for releases, development and maintenance. Of course the world is not as simple as I describe it in the article but you will be able to categorize your organization’s main approach based on the strategies. This part covers both internal collaboration (core asset development and use in products/variants) as well as external collaboration/deployment (product release and maintenance).


Strategies for Releases, Development, and Maintenance in Product Line Engineering: Part 1 Product Development Organization

Posted in Article by danilo on September 3, 2011

When it comes to software product line development you have quite a number of choices how you can do things. For instance, depending on the domain for which a product line is developed, you can select between different product release, development and maintenance strategies. Knowing the choices and carefully selecting the most suitable one helps you to make your product line engineering development a success. The following article will briefly introduce some basic strategies to choose from and discusses some use cases.

Due to the length of the individual sections in the original article I split this into several posts. The first post will deal with organizational aspects of product development in product lines.


What’s the difference? A Closer Look at Configuration Management for Product Lines

Posted in Article by danilo on March 13, 2010

Can configuration management for product lines be a complicated matter? A definite YES! Does it have to be a complicated matter? Not at all!

Of course, you’ve read in this blog about  variants not being version and also found out clone-and-own leads to a product bush and thus is not the most recommended reuse approach (albeit the most commonly used one, it seems so cheap and simple in the beginning…). But there is something still missing: configuration management for proper product line development has not been touched in this blog. This article tries to fill in the missing pieces.


Moving targets – Change Management for Software Product Lines

Posted in Article by danilo on October 21, 2009

This article is dedicated to change management in software product line development. This is a challenging topic and in many cases more critical for the success of a product line than configuration of products. A software product line is similar to an living organism. It keeps changing continuously. Many who have heard a little about software product line development believe it to be far more complicated than the normal software development they are used to. Surprisingly software product line development is very similar to developing in a conventional way in many aspects.  The main differences are caused  by the number of products you have to care for simultaneously, which, no doubt about this, adds complexity and challenges.