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PLE @ OOP2010

Posted in Bits'n'Pieces by danilo on November 29, 2009

Product Line Engineering is getting more and more mainstream: Next years OOP (25th – 29th January, Munich, Germany) has a 2 day track dedicated to this topic. Speakers include Jan Bosch, who I am quite sure, will give an entertaining talk on this views related to product line engineering. Other speakers include Markus Völter (Domain Specific Languages for PLE) and Peter Manhart (Variant Management in the Automotive Industry, in german) plus many more including myself (How to migrate to PLE successfully) 🙂 . So this might be the time to revive your knowledge of German (or English, see below) and have a few nice and interesting days in Munich.

  For those who have never heard about OOP before: This is the major German software engineering event for practitioners (1800+ attendees in 2009). Congress languages are German and English (majority of the presentations are held in German but quite a number are in English). It also includes an exhibition of tool vendors and consulting companies.

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  1. Ivan C. Machado said, on December 15, 2009 at 14:58

    Hello, I was searching for “SPL” topic in and I was presented a link to this website. It is nice to see a place with information on this exciting and challenging topic. I’m here to congratulate your blog and to present (I mean, if you don’t know yet), another blog on SPL and SW Reuse in general, where a set of researchers and practitioners regularly post information on these topics –

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