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SPL @ ECMDA 2009

Posted in Bits'n'Pieces by danilo on April 29, 2009

In June (23rd – 26th) 2009 there will be the “Fifth European Conference on Model-Driven Architecture Foundations and Applications”  in Enschede, The Netherlands. Since not only I believe that the combination of model-driven development and product line development is the next big thing in software development, there will be some activities related to SPL at this conference. First of all, there will a dedicated workshop about this topic, the MDPLE workshop on the 24th. There will also be a paper presentation  “Managing Flexibility: Modeling Binding-Times in Simulink”. Incidentally this paper was authored by Jens Weiland, Reutlingen University, and me 🙂 and talks about our ideas for implementation of binding times in the MATLAB/Simulink tool chain (this stuff will be shortly available in pure::variants). I am also quite sure that some other talks will touch upon SPL topics. One interesting idea is for instance the idea presented in this work: “Enabling Automated Traceability Maintenance Through the Upkeep of Traceability Relations” by Mäder et al. They try to use automatic rule based detection of changes in artifacts, which initiate (semi-)automatic update of the trace relations. And there will be a pure::variants demonstration showing how to integrate pure::variants feature modeling and  model-based development with UML and Simulink.

Learning About SPL Can Be Fun – At Least in Japan

Posted in Bits'n'Pieces by danilo on April 28, 2009

If you want to refresh both your Japanese and your knowledge about SPL, have a look at this nice movie. If you need more, check out the related web page. If your Japanese skills (like mine) are rather limited, there is also an English variant of this page and movie. The eXmotion guys behind this training have been working in the field of product line development for quite a while, they are using pure::variants , and have some nice toys to play with in this training. So even I would like to book this training if only my Japanese would be better 😉 .

Want To Talk About (Your) Product Line Experiences? Check out Practical Product Lines 2009!

Posted in Bits'n'Pieces by danilo on April 21, 2009

After returning from SPLC 2009 (August 24-28,  in the exciting city of San Francisco) there is one more product line event to consider:  Practical Product Lines (October 20-21, in the equally interesting city of Amsterdam). While the former event is well know for bringing together researchers and practitioners to learn from each other, the later is more oriented towards exchange between industry practitioners and experts, similar to the very successful “Code Generation” series of events. At this point in time you can involve yourself by proposing talks, workshops etc. Different formats are possible, just have a look at the call for speakers. (more…)